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Centro Comune di Ricerca Europeo (Joint Research Centre JRC) di Ispra (VA)

Recently we won the tender issued by the Joint Research Centre of the European Joint Research Centre (JRC) in Ispra (VA) concerning the design, supply, installation and maintenance of photovoltaic systems that will be mounted on the Street parking in Greece and the coverage of 4 buildings with a total power of 445 kWp


ENAS water autority Sardinia

Important award for Sgargi Enterprises Ltd is the "Design and Implementation of a system of solar renewable energy production in the Industrial Area of Ottana, specifically the construction of a solar park at the ground with a power of 3.96 MW which engages a area of ​​6.97 ha, located in the Province of Nuoro in the Industrial Consortium. "
This intervention is considered one of the most important achievements of photovoltaic plant in Italy.
This result was achieved by Sgargi Enterprises Ltd. thanks to union with other companies that have helped to make their knowledge and technical expertise in the study of race


ARPA  Ferrara

An intervention in the process of building very innovative for environmental sustainability and the design is the construction of the new provincial ARPA Ferrara. Sgargi s.r.l, proudly, is the company executing electrical systems.

The wooden structure is designed in such a way as to control the sunlight; solar chimneys have been provided to encourage maximum natural lighting indoor and together with the domestic courts to take advantage of natural ventilation.


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